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Buyers - Harold Noriega Group | Emerald Bay



working with your agent

Buying a home is usually an emotional decision, and you need the guidance of your local area market expert who can help you buy wisely. 


I help all of our buyers through the process of finding the right home for them. Purchasing a home is one of the largest if not the single largest purchase in one's life. It is more than just purchasing real estate, it is buying your "home". I will help you to determine the priority list of the "must haves" and take in consideration critical factors about each property being considered such as: the pricing, view, location, features and layout of the home. I will help you with your deliberation if you should consider buying a property that requires a minor remodel, major remodel or a complete tear down to build your dream home. There are many, many factors to be considered when buyer your home that require the expertise and experience of the seasoned local area expert.

your purchase

Once you have settled on a community and seen several homes, the next step is to make an offer on the home you like. I will help to guide you when making an offer with all aspects of the offer process such as: how much below listing price should you offer, and how does the price compare to similar homes on the market? Are you negotiating terms and other costs (repairs, for example) as well as price? What do you do if inspections uncover needed repairs? Are there any factors related to the house or neighborhood which could create resale problems? What closing costs are considered typical and should you expect?

If we are successful with the negotiations and come to terms and you successfully execute a sales contract, my team will proactively guide you "hands on" through the escrow process, making every step of the way smooth through to the closing so you can focus on the next steps in your life in your new home.